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A good education can change anyone, a good teacher can change everything

Phonic World conducts Intensive Teachers training workshops across India in various schools and also take up Independent workshops in Mumbai and across which equips Pre-primary and Primary teachers with the knowledge and methodology of taking up Jolly phonics curriculum with their children. Workshops are conducted not only for the Teachers but also for the mothers who would want to educate their children at home and also for the women entrepreneur who wish to start up their own centre for kids and also students who want to enhance their language skills .

Workshop for Schools and its benefits!

Phonic world's Teachers Training Workshop for schools is an Intense 2 days programme that covers the Teaching methodology ¬and an activity based practical learning which will unlock the potential of every teacher , and will eventually result in achieving greater success in the implementation of programme. Professional Training helps teachers to gain confidence in taking up the curriculum in the most structured manner and also training is provided to make the class interesting by using the most creative teaching aids.

PhonicWorld Workshop
PhonicWorld Workshop
PhonicWorld Workshop

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Workshop for Teachers includes

  1. Intensive training for teachers for 2 full days
  2. Practical Classroom Activities
  3. Practise sessions
  4. Speech Exercises by using the correct sounds
  5. Letter stories
  6. Curriculum Planning
  7. Creative ways of Teaching
  8. Effective use of Jolly Resources in Lesson planning
  9. Mock Sessions
  10. Evaluation and Assessments

Most ideal for

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar is a certified course for Teachers, Parents, Counsellors, Coordinators, Content developers, School Heads, Entrepreneurs and anyone with flair of teaching and enhancing their skills.

Training Schedule for 2 Days

Day 1 Day 2
Introduction to Synthetic Phonics Revision of all Groups
Founders of Jolly Phonics and their Journey Alternative Spellings
5 Basic skills of Jolly Phonics Spelling Rules
Jolly Songs along with Actions Tricky Words
Blending Activities Homographs and Homophones
Segmenting Activities Curriculum Planning
Letter Story Practise Mock Sessions
Speech Exercises Assessment