Komal Goenka Founder & Director

Founder and Director of Phonic World, Komal Goenka has come a long way in the world of education . Phonic World is a learning centre that specialises in providing Jolly Phonics and Grammar for young children in Navi Mumbai. After being introduced to Jolly Phonics she saw the tremendous transformation in her students’ speaking, reading and writing when being taught with this programme, that it became her passion to improve children’s life through the power of education and exploring.

She believes in imparting effective education to her society and in her centre, she has established a creative and thought-provoking curriculum using speech and drama as tools to enhance the children’s creative and communication skills. As a Story-Teller, Komal sees the effect and impact in using stories to introduce letter sounds under the Jolly Phonics programme and believes it makes learning easy and fun for children.

“Education is a journey and not a race, where you learn and you teach what you learn”.
Taking people through this beautiful journey of learning is what education is all about and this is what I aim for !!

Komal’s vision is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to promote and teach literacy by using Jolly Phonics and Grammar. She is available to provide ‘Teachers Training Workshops” and curriculum planning for Phonics and Grammar using Jolly learning methodology at various private and international schools and preschools across India and abroad. Jolly Phonics training is provided to the teachers and schools so that they can develop more effective ways of engaging and structuring the learning of young people for literacy.

Komal is a "Professional Jolly Phonics and Grammar Trainer" certified by Jolly Learning Ltd, UK. She has trained various teachers till now by using speech and drama, storytelling and other creative skills in her workshops. She has introduced readers club for children under phonic world where children are encouraged to read more through the multi-sensory methodology of Jolly Phonics.

She has trained teachers in Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, Speech and Drama, storytelling from reputed schools and has also been associated with National Academy Teachers Training Institute,Mumbai.