About PhonicWorld

Phonic world teaches and promotes jolly phonics methodology to teach children in the most interesting manner which helps them to read and spell words at an early age , hence it is also termed as an early literacy programme for children between the age group 3 – 9 years.

Phonic world is an educational centre for kids is based in Navi Mumbai, whereas training workshop for teachers is conducted across India and other parts of the world.

Phonic world helps in implementing Jolly Phonics Methodology in pre –primary and primary school curriculum and can provide regular trainings to the teachers and other staff in the school.

Independent Workshops

Jolly phonics certified workshops by UK certified trainer are conducted independently in Mumbai and other Parts of India and abroad, where primary and pre-primary teachers, entrepreneurs running their own Montessori centres ,mothers who are...

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Workshop for Institutions

Many institutions in India have implemented Jolly technique of teaching letters and sounds but teachers are not well equipped to take up curriculum in the most structured and systematic manner. Hence, training to...

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Upcoming workshops

Phonic world’s Teachers Training Workshop for institutions is an Intense 2 days programme that covers the Teaching methodology ¬and an activity based practical learning which will unlock the potential of every teacher...

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What is Jolly Phonics ?

Jolly Learning Ltd. was founded in 1987 and methodology is owned & published by Jolly Learning Ltd. UK, founded by Christopher Jolly. Jolly Learning Ltd. started selling the first of the Jolly Phonics products five years later. Jolly Phonics curriculum has been developed by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham, who were Primary/elementary school teachers at Woods Loke Primary School in Lowestoft, England.

It uses child-centred, multi-sensory approaches to make learning fun and easy for children all over the world. Letter sounds are taught by using synthetic phonics approach in a way which is fun and multi-sensory and enable children to become fluent readers. The company now sells over 2 million publications each year and is used in over 100 countries around.

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finesse program

Finesse Etiquette Program

Finesse Etiquette Program recognizes that, more than ever, kids need a strong foundation for their future. We give them that foundation with an emphasis on strong communication skills, respect, empathy for others...

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Testimonialsfeedback from our happy parents & teachers

When a teacher and parent work with the same objective, result is phenomenal, find some feedback from parents of our students

Having associated with corporates for more than 6 yrs, I had absolutely no idea what to do when i had to leave job due to family responsibilities, it was then I discovered this course for Jolly phonics and Grammar and got touch with Komal through a common friend.She had recommended Komal very strongly so I pursued her for about a month and a half and finally got lucky to be a part of her training programme this July , it was great experience as having no background of it, Komal made it so easy to understand and I enjoyed my 3 days thoroughly. Her teaching skills are absolutely fantastic which are of course clubbed with lots of activities , tests and idea sharing, she also encourages the entrepreneurial skills in you and helps to pursue it by instilling right kind of confidence. In all it was a great experience and she is not only a good teacher but also a multitalented person to know. Thank you for everything..would be looking forward to more associations!!!

Noopur Chandra (HR professional)

Attending Komal Goenka's workshop was really a wonderful & excellent experience for the way she conducts it. Komal makes it very interactive & tries to update as much as she can about Jolly Phonics . She is not only a good trainer but a good human being by heart too. I will always look forward to more of such workshops in future .

Ronika Singh (Pre-school Teacher of DPS Jamnagar)

Learning Phonics with Jolly Phonics and under the supervision of Komal Goenka was like entering another dimension of the language, this workshop trains you to understand the importance of introducing phonics at a very young level, it is must for all teachers and parents to learn it as this workshop will help them teach something correct to their children.

Naresh Saigal ( Founder of Brightway, Spoken English Academy)

We at Queen's School and ITDC had held a workshop on Jolly phonics in July. The trainer was Ms Komal Goenka. We had come across her name by chance on the Jolly phonics website, but we are so delighted to have called her as a trainer. All staff members were v. satisfied with the content and delivery of the training. The program in itself is v well structured and we are sure it will be v helpful for our students. Ms Goenka went out of the way for ordering teaching material from Jolly phonics at a v reasonable price. We all enjoyed the two days we spent with her.

Dr. Shazia Nahri (Principal of Queen's School and ITDC)

Jolly Phonics teachers training workshop was conducted at our school in the first and mid week of June for Pre-primary and Primary teachers by Komal Goenka who is a certified Jolly Phonics instructor/trainer for India Region. The workshop was conducted for 60 teachers all together in two different locations using drama and storytelling as a tool to train teachers to take up this curriculum in the most effective way with their children. The teachers learnt the 5 basic skills of jolly phonics by using the multi sensory approach which was encouraging for them to use with their young learners. Technique of blending the sounds and cracking the code to make new words was a learning experience which they will surely try to implement it in their respective classes. Mrs.Goenka imparted the essentials of jolly phonics which teachers found it to be of great importance and were highly influenced by her treaching technique.Teachers were excited and felt confident which was clearly evident from their feedback forms. We will surely look forward for more such trainings in future under her expertise.

Dhanya Menon

For a working mom managing everything along with a little guilt is never easy. I have had my share of struggles with my son's reading, who had an inclination towards books and stories but no patience to read them actually. That's when Komal turned out to be the angel with a phonics wand :) This is his second year and he has shown tremendous progress in his reading and also blending the letters and spelling it out correctly. All this , without me doing much as Komal takes care of that too. She is definitely a teacher who knows how to get it from the kids. At the end you know your child is in hands of a qualified person who definitely knows more than you do. I wish Komal and her Jolly Phonics program more success in coming times.

Rakshita Dwivedi (Mother)

Aashrey joined Jolly phonics at age of 2.5years. He was your first student. He enjoys phonics class a lot. Your teaching method is very nice as he can remember everything being taught in your phonic classes.

Sowmya (Mother)

Jolly phonic is a place where my daughter has improved in English and Grammar .... I am really happy that now my daughter can read a sentence and blend word... she is always excited to go for her phonic class.....

Nikita Jadhav